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Hair remover treatment

Laser Hair Removal
An intense pulsating beam of light to remove unwanted hair. The laser beam passes thru the skin to an individual hair follicle. The intense heat damages the hair follicle which inhibits future hair growth.
About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal targets the entire hair structure, from the hair shaft, down to the follicle,
meeting the principle of selective photothermolysis. Light energy with a specific wavelength
is primarily absorbed by the endogenous chromophore melanin resulting in rapid heating which
is required for local thermal necrosis of the follicles’ regenerative structures.

 To achieve permanent hair removal, the laser system must be able to effectively treat the different hair types and colors as well as the various skin types while providing maximum skin protection. The laser’s wavelength, pulse duration and spot size determine the effectiveness of the treatment (on all skin types) and also influence the depth of penetration and treatment speed.

The Lumenis Solution

The Lumenis’ LightSheer® systems (INFINITY™DESIREDUET and ET) uses state-of-the-art 805nm diode lasertechnology that has become the preferred method for photoepilation and the industry’s ‘Gold Standard’.  Over 50 peer reviewed articles confirm the superior efficacy, safety, comfort and high patient satisfaction achieved with this technology.

Advantages For Physicians
  • Treatment can be customized to optimally meet the needs of each patient by tailoring treatment accuracy, efficacy, safety, comfort and speed.
  • High peak-power, adjustable pulse duration and a variety of spot-sizes allow for rapid treatment of all body areas.
  • Cost effective and profitable treatments allowing treatment of more patients in less time.